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Battlefield and Military History Tours

You can read about a battle and study maps all you like, but to really understand it, you have to go there and walk the ground. 

We explain campaigns and battles from both a strategic and tactical point of view.  Aspects are covered from the broad historical and political perspective right down to the tactical problems encountered by individual commanders and soldiers on the ground. After a thorough outline of the campaign that we're studying, see for yourself the lay of the land, the river crossings, the weapons pits, the beach landings, the farmhouse assaults; understand the tactical problems faced by the commanders and the fighting men. We will take you to viewpoints where few others go; sometimes that may involve a bit of a walk or a climb.

Colonel Patrick Mercer, our principal guide, brings a special insight into the battlefield that he gained in the twenty-five years he served as an infantry officer who also commanded his family regiment, The Sherwood Foresters.  He is also a published author of the Crimean Campaign.


Our tours are bespoke and  we plan them with clients.  There are normally six to ten people and we may aggregate clients into a suitably sized group but we try to ensure everybody is likely to get on together.   So if you are considering coming alone or in a small group, contact us by all means and we will try and accomodate you.

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The Thin Red Line, Battle of Balaclava, 1854

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